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Portraits of Ships, Sailors and the Sea


Zerstorer LUTJENS: April 2001 Oil on Canvas (609 x 508)

This painting of the German Destroyer LUTJENS was commissioned by Cdr Graham Harrison as a gift for the outgoing Officer Commanding and sent off to Germany for his change of command parade.


Dry Dock Days: Nov 1978 (Pen and ink)

I was a very junior officer on board P1564 while she was building in 1978. The Captain, Cdr Johan Retief showed an interest in this drawing once I had finished it and I proposed R15 as a good price. He rejected this and the drawing has spent the intervening 23 years in a sketch book. I recently presented it to Vice Admiral Johan Retief, Chief of the South African Navy as a gift.


Strike Craft: 2001 Oils (508 x 609)

I painted this simple scene of a Strike Craft in the morning light for Captain Doug Faure. I think it captures the spirit of these small ships. This view from the quarter is one of my favourites and I feel that it shows off their character especially well. The sea worked nicely too. I'm very happy with this one.


Simon's Town Dawn II: 2001 Watercolour on Bockingford paper (550 x 370)

This painting has a bit of a story behind it. The previous version (see below) was delivered to the clients at a restaurant one evening. As I took it into the restaurant I was approached by a gentleman who wanted to buy it. After explaining to him repeatedly that it was a commission and wasn't for sale he went and sat down for about an hour. He then returned, insisting that he wanted the painting. After some negotiation with the original clients, They and I agreed to sell it to him and he returned to Pakistan with a smile on his face.

This version of the same scene, one hour later and is lighter and warmer than version I.


Simon's Town Dawn: 2001 Watercolour on Bockingford paper (550 x 370)

Sunrise over False Bay waking Simon's Town harbour. It was just one of those beautiful mornings.


HMS ENDEAVOUR 2000 Alkyds on Canvas (1 000 x 750)

If you view my Guest Book, you'll see that John Hanlon asked for a painting of a tall ship. after negotiating a price/size combination, he asked for HMS ENDEAVOUR. This is the result. My wife likes it very much and wanted me to keep it, but a contract is a contact!

R Adm Gringo Groenewald (910 x 760) Oil, 1998

Emily 1997 Alkyds (508 x 609)

This was commissioned by Petro Keene as a Christmas gift to her husband, R Adm (JG) Peter Keene who used to command the SAS EMILY HOBHOUSE, one of the South African Navy's 3 DAPHNE Class submarines. The light worked nicely and the painting has a mysterious feel, despite the bright blue effect.

Russian 1993 Oils (910 x 760)

Russian 1993 Oils(910 x 760)

This was presented to a South African electronics company, DELCON, after my return from Chile in 1993 as a gesture of thanks for the excellent communications that they had maintained with me during the year. I received weekly faxes and newsletters just to stay in touch with some of the local events which didn't make it onto CNN. It was a highly valued link to home which the entire family appreciated. Thanks again Tones!


International Fleet Review 1998 Oils (960 x 762)

This double portrait of President Nelson Mandela and V Adm Robert Claude Simpson-Anderson reviewing the International Fleet was painted to commemorate the highlight of the South African Navy 75th Anniversary Celebrations. It was bought by African Defence Systems and presented to V Adm Simpson-Anderson and now hangs in his office in Pretoria.


Task Group 1994 Oils (960 x 762)

This painting of a Taiwanese Naval Task Group was painted during their visit to Simon's Town. The sky worked well. It was bought locally.


R9: Oil on Canvas April 2001 (609 x 508)

I think that the success of this painting is best expressed by Eugene Griessel, the owner: "I get happier with R9 every time I look at her. I don't want to gush - God forbid - but when I sit in my office I see her at a very acute angle, and at this angle she appears to be making a high-speed turn and more and more
she is becoming 3-D and appearing to move out of the canvas. One has to live with art to really get to know it."


Kalk Bay Morning: 2001 Watercolour on Bockingford Paper (380 x 550)

I was really struggling to find a subject to paint as a wedding gift for some friends who are getting married in a week's time. I stopped off at a small local fishing harbour, Kalk Bay, and there it was... a boat had just returned from fishing on a beautiful Cape morning and I caught this view, did a sketch or two and completed this watercolour in one loooong sitting just in time to get it framed. I hope you like it, Faures!


TASSIE 1998 Alkyds (960 x 762)

This was commissioned by the owner of the boat in the foreground... he was unhappy about the price based on my status as a "recognized" artist and the size of the painting, so the sale fell through. It now hangs in my dining room and brings me a smile of satisfaction and restores my sense of artistic integrity every time I look at it. Far more valuable than twice the price I was asking at the time!

GRANTULLY CASTLE 1997 Alkyds (609 x 508)

GRANTULLY CASTLE 1997 Alkyds(609 x 508)

This was a very challenging commission as I could find no reference photos of this ship. After considerable research, I found an old picture of her sister ship and a description of modifications that had been done to the GRANTULLY CASTLE and put this composite picture together. It now hangs in the London home of the son of one of the officers who came to South Africa on board her in 1907.